Banking & Securities Law


We have engaged our clients banks on the above services which range on Asset finance and Asset Management, Finance & Securities, General lending , Leveraged finance, Real estate finance and work outs, Project finance transactions, Debt finance, Insolvency, Legal advisory, Mortgages (real estate finance) and Syndicated lending

  • Asset Finance and Asset Management
  • Finance & Securities
  • General lending
  • Leveraged finance
  • Real estate finance and work outs
  • Project finance
  • Debt finance
  • Insolvency
  • Legal advisory
  • Mortgages (real estate finance)
  • Syndicated lending
  • Due diligence on security documents
  • Drafting of charge instruments
  • Registration of charges
  • Real estate financing advice
  • Creation of Debentures
  • Discharging of charges
  • Corporate finance
  • Retail finance